Kanapaha Botanical Gardens – Gainesville FL

Gainesville FL is home to some fascinating and unique habitats, wildlife, and plant life in the region. The moist air is conducive for tropical plant life to thrive. The Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is a spectacular venue to visit for a relaxing day or to use for a corporate event. The site is even home to several exceptional wedding sites, both indoor and outdoor. The gardens host several events throughout the year to which the public is welcome to attend. The name Kanapaha comes from the Timucua Indians meaning the homes you can find on Lake Kanapaha. It also means palmetto leaf in the Native tongue.

Hours, location, and admission

You can visit the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from nine in the morning until five in the evening unless there is an event happening. They are closed on Thursdays. On the weekends, you can visit from nine in the morning until seven in the evening unless it gets dark sooner in which case the garden closes at dark. During these times, you will find the events calendar helpful because it will give you the times that the recreational facility is open to the public. No one will be granted admittance if it is 45 minutes or closer to closing time. Prices for admission are $8 per adult, $4 per child from five and up to 13, and free for kids under five with a parent. Event prices will change, so be sure to check admission for these times if you plan to participate. Children’s groups are welcome at the Kanapaha Gardens as long as they come in together and pay one price up-front for all members. There are discounts as long as you have at least ten participants.

What you will find at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

More than 20 flower and plant exhibits are on display at the venue. Guests are welcome to browse the garden beds during open hours. You can bring your dog as long as it is on a leash, and there is not an event happening that day. Gazebos, benches, and a picnic area for resting and relaxing offer you the chance to pack a lunch to have in a beautiful setting. You will find plenty of souvenirs and treasures to take home to remind you of your visit to this Gainesville Fl beauty. From Chinese bamboo to Asian snake arums and even huge Victoria water lilies are in bloom if you visit between June and September when the weather is warmest.

Gainesville weddings and other events

With more than 60 acres of stunning green space, there are dozens of places to capture that special moment when a bride and groom come together. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor wedding venue, Kanapaha has both. Rental fees come with tables and chairs so that your union has the basics you need without transporting large items to the wedding. If you want a guided tour of the gardens, Kanapaha offers them on Saturdays at ten in the morning. The visit will take about two hours to complete. Most months, the gardens host a special event. These are for Mother’s Day, the Camellia Show, and the Fall Plant Sale and Orchid Show, holidays, and for showcasing art.

Whether you need a relaxing place to host your next business retreat, you have a child getting married, or you just want to spend time in a gorgeous place, the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens is a spectacular Gainesville, Fl destination. The on-site labyrinth is a favorite spot to explore. The rock garden, boardwalk, water gardens, and the bridge are some of the favorite places to pose for wedding pictures.

Courtesy Buchholz Trailers & More