Morningside Nature Center – Gainesville FL

Whether you live in the area, or you are just visiting Gainesville FL, a trip to the Morningside Nature Center gives you the chance to connect with nature, get some fresh air, and see something you may never have seen before now. At 3540 E University Ave, you will enter a wildlife area full of vegetation, flowers, and animals. There are more than 275 acres for visitors to enjoy including seven miles of trails to help you stay fit and lean. Guests are welcome to visit from eight in the morning until eight at night any day of the week except Sundays. The park observes Thanksgiving, New Year’s Day, and Christmas holidays and will not be open on these occasions.

The Hogan Cabin and interactive shows

From an original one-room schoolhouse to a traditional 1870’s cabin built by a local family, the Gainesville nature center has a rich history and culture that you may find intriguing. The nature center features a living farm and hosts events like live acts with period animals and heirloom crops from the 1800’s. You can watch volunteers in authentic clothing acting out farm tasks to show you what life was like over a century ago. This show happens on the first Saturday every month giving you the chance to see Jersey cows and Dorking chickens as you might have in the late 1800’s.

Miles of hiking and trails let you explore to your heart’s content

When you need someplace in Gainesville Fl to sweat out your heavy meal from the night before, or you want to begin a new exercise program, Morningside is a beautiful place to explore and exercise. With over seven miles of trails, you can hike a different mile each day. These walking and hiking paths extend through a variety of delicate ecosystems including sandhill, cypress, and pine areas where you can see the remnants or previous fires the park uses to control overgrowth and invasive species. Each habitat is unique and offers you the chance to see endangered plants and cute critters.

Come and feed the animals and bring along a favorite treat

Does your family like feeding animals? Do you want to give your kids an experience they will never forget? Barnyard Buddies is a fun opportunity where you can visit the nature center and see the animals in a whole new light. Admission for this weekly Wednesday event is free of charge, but the park does ask that you donate any squash, apples, melons, and carrots that you have extra. You can feed the animals fruit, vegetables, and hay from three until four every Wednesday afternoon from September until May. Sweet potatoes are another favorite treat for the barnyard animals. You can visit the farm anytime Monday through Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m all year long.

Autumn brings wildflower walks and native plant sales to Gainesville

See the Morningside Nature Center in all its autumnal glory by visiting during the fall. On October Saturdays, you can participate in fall walks to see the foliage. There are field trips and summer camps for students. Check out the nature center which houses amphibians and reptiles when you visit the recreational area.

Whether you want to learn something new or find a quiet place to relax, the Morningside Garden Center has a broad space to explore. You can even come and see the various species of amphibians every Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m from September to May. It is called the Frogs and Friends program.


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